The COPD Foundation (COPDF) is continuing recruitment for its O2VERLAP study for patients with COPD and obstructive sleep apnea.

According to the COPDF, the O2VERLAP study aims to improve adherence to CPAP (and oxygen if applicable) as well as several other outcomes like sleep quality, quality of life, and more.

As part of the study, participants receive a virtual education and coaching program delivered by peer coaches and respiratory therapists online and via the phone.

Respiratory therapists are encouraged to inform patients they think might be interested in participating. The program is open to any patient across the country with diagnosed COPD and OSA, and all therapy is conducted remotely at the patient’s home.

The AARC and the American Sleep Apnea Association are partners on the study and COPDF hopes the research will help guide the use of future programs like this that leverage technology and health coaching, according to a foundation spokesperson.

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