A survey of 500 people across Britain diagnosed with COPD has revealed that almost a third (31%) feel their treatment is not adequately controlling their condition.

Results of the survey, carried out by Opinion Health on behalf of Chiesi, also show that 60% of patients feel there is not enough support available to help them manage their condition properly.

According to the data, flare-ups are causing 21 percent of COPD patients to visit A&E up to twice a year, while 4% have visited three or more times in a year. Also, 18% of those questioned said they have had to stay in hospital overnight once or twice in the last year because of a flare-up.

As well as highlighting the impact on patients the findings are particularly pertinent given that a single visit to A&E can cost $165 (£124) just to be seen, while an NHS hospital stay is estimated to be $530 (£400) a day.