Predixion Software and the Carolinas HealthCare System have been selected by the COPD Foundation to deliver a program to predict and prevent COPD-related hospital readmissions.

The COPD Foundation notes that there has been little study to date of the role comorbidities play in the rate of hospital readmissions, or into the specific issues that can trigger a readmission. With the selection of Predixion and the Carolinas HealthCare System, the Foundation now can build a predictive model specifically to reduce this risk.

“Eliminating unnecessary readmissions related to COPD is critical for advancing the goals of healthcare reform,” says COPD Foundation president and founder John W. Walsh in a release. “Finding solutions for COPD readmissions, especially for the patient who has co-morbidities, will have a great impact on improving health outcomes for millions.”

“It has been difficult to study COPD, because patients often have additional risk factors that contribute to the severity/seriousness of their conditions,” comments Deborah McGowan, senior director of Health Outcomes, COPD Foundation. “Now we have the technology and the team to leverage hospital specific data and real-time risk stratification to prompt patient-specific interventions for those at risk of readmission.”

“The COPD Foundation initiative leverages our strong and ongoing partnership with Carolinas HealthCare System to offer real-time advanced analytics at the point of care for forward thinking healthcare facilities,” notes Nish Hartman, VP Healthcare, Predixion Software. “The ability to provide actionable insights directly to the clinical team so they can take action right at the point of care helps Predixion, CHS and the COPD Foundation achieve our collective mission — to improve patient outcomes.”

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