, a women’s health and wellness Web site, has launched its new online Asthma Health Center designed to help women and children diagnose and manage asthma symptoms.

Lifescript’s Asthma Health Center follows the latest research and offers articles on the connection between allergies and asthma, common asthma triggers, how to avoid "heavy breathing" during sex, as well as other topics. It also features tips for raising asthmatic children, including helping them sleep through nighttime wheezing and making sure they have the proper medication at school.

"With so many women suffering from asthma, or raising children who do, our online center is a great resource for tips and support," says Laurie Berger, editor-in-chief of Lifescript.

The Asthma Health Center is one of 66 health centers on the site. Lifescript Health Centers are designed to help women live healthier lives with medically reviewed articles, expert interviews, lifestyle tips, quizzes, recipes, and more.

Source: Lifescript