image asthmasense_250AsthmaSense Cloud makes it possible for asthma sufferers to manage their disease with the aid of their mobile device. The app, which was released last week, provides patients and caregivers with an easy-to-use monitoring tool.

AsthmaSense Cloud can send alerts and reminders, while also providing a tracking system that helps identify potential risk patterns and trends in asthma symptoms, medication use and testing results

The app also includes an option to manage multiple user profiles, a benefit to families with more than one person suffering from asthma.

All data is password-protected and stored in a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based data warehouse. Information entered into it can also be viewed and edited on a personal computer.

“The need for better, consumer-friendly asthma management tools is critical to improve the patient’s well being while reducing costs,” said Michael J. Thomas, chief executive officer for iSonea. “By improving awareness of symptoms, asthma episodes, medication usage and potential risks, AsthmaSense Cloud can help asthmatics adhere to a physician-prescribed treatment plan.”