HOPE continuous nebulizer

B&B Medical Technologies Inc

B&B Medical Technologies Inc, North Highlands, Calif, produces and markets The HOPE continuous nebulizer along with a family of nebulizer products. On May 27, 1998, the US Food and Drug Administration approved The Hope, which was based on improved CNBT technology. Over the past years, The Hope has relieved the practitioner of the laborious task of remixing SVNs every 15 minutes. The Hope allows the user the ability to mix medications from 1 to 8 hours. Heliox administration could not be easier; with a length of oxygen tubing and a tank of heliox, the user can turn The Hope nebulizer into an inexpensive alternative to a tube and ventilator. With or without helium, The HOPE nebulizer is the best product found to reverse impending respiratory failure, severe asthma, pneumonia, and COPD. (800) 242-8778; www.bandb-medical.com.