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Aerosol Therapy/Asthma Care

Drug Delivery
Monaghan Medical, Plattsburgh, NY, offers the AeroEclipse® II BAN (AE™ II). The AE II incorporates a more sensitive breath-actuator diaphragm; as a result, patients will require less effort to actuate the device. Additionally, a user-friendly mode selector switch on the top of the device can easily toggle between breath actuation and continuous modes simply by a turn of the dial. The device enables caregivers to provide fast, assured patient dosing, as the AE II BAN delivers an optimal particle size and customized dosing compared to continuous nebulizers. Additionally, the AE II BAN delivers less drug to the environment during administration, which is of great significance to respiratory therapists and other caregivers who are at risk from the exposure. (800) 833-9653;

Medel USA, Cary, NC, offers the AG compressor/nebulizer line, which includes three compressor/nebulizers: the AG-CLASSIC AC compressor, the AG-PLUS high-pressure/high-flow portable compressor nebulizer, and the AG-EDGE handheld portable compressor nebulizer. Both portables use lithium-ion-battery technology for long run times and no maintenance. Distributed by BV Medical. (888) 822-8293;

Allergic Asthma Treatment
Airsonett, Fort Mill, SC, offers the Airsonett Airshower®, an assistive device for the prophylactic treatment of moderate to severe allergic asthma. Proven effective in Sweden and other parts of Europe, the first-of its-kind portable device provides a noticeable anti-inflammatory effect by reducing the content of irritating particles and allergens in the breathing zone. Best results have been achieved at night when an individual’s immune defense has had time to rest and recover for a better night’s sleep and better quality of sleep. Studies have shown a three-fold improvement in the quality of uninterrupted sleep. Based on the principle of nonturbulent displacement and controlled thermal stratification, clean-room–quality air is provided within 3 minutes after the unit begins operating. Guaranteed average particle count in the clean air zone is less than 0.3µ/ft3. (877) 743-2329;

Inhalation Solution
Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corp, Orlando, Fla, introduces its newest medication, the first and only US Food and Drug Administration-approved generic version of albuterol sulfate inhalation solution, 0.042%* individually foil wrapped and bar coded. This product is indicated for use in children 2 to 12 years of age. Each vial contains 1.50 mg of albuterol sulfate (equivalent to 1.25 mg albuterol) and is preservative and additive free. The product is rated AN in the Orange Book and is sterile and prediluted with normal saline. The drug is packaged in 30 unit-dose vials, each in a bar-coded foil pouch. (800) 443-4313;

Inhalation Solution
Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corp, Orlando, Fla, offers albuterol sulfate inhalation solution, 0.5%* the only FDA-approved generic version packaged in a single, sterile unit-of-use container. The convenient premeasured (0.5 mL) unit-of-use vial eliminates the need for multidose bottles that typically contain preservatives and additives that protect the solution from microbial contamination through repeated openings. Clinical trials have shown some of these preservatives and additives to be bronchoconstrictors and contraindicated for patients with respiratory problems. Each vial contains 2.5 mg of albuterol sulfate (equivalent to 3.0 mg albuterol), and is preservative and additive free. The drug is premeasured, rated AN in the Orange Book, and packaged in 30 sterile unit-of-use vials, each in a bar-coded foil pouch. Dilute before use. (800) 443-4313;

Holding Chamber
Thayer Medical Corp, Tucson, Ariz, offers the LiteAire® dual-valved, disposable holding chamber as an innovative paperboard alternative for solving everyday respiratory concerns. The LiteAire’s unique collapsible design delivers pop-up convenience in individually wrapped packages that allow the LiteAire to be stored flat, to be easily portable, and to be reused by a patient for 1 week. The 160 cc lightweight LiteAire holding chamber was designed to be practical without sacrificing performance and was found to provide effective drug output by meeting or exceeding the performance of other plastic devices at a fraction of the cost. (520) 790-5393;

MDI Companion
Respirics Inc, Raleigh, NC, offers the MD Turbo, a handheld companion for use with pressurized metered-dose inhalers that addresses two important limitations of pMDIs: the press-and-breathe coordination and tracking the number of doses left in the canister. MD Turbo turns many commonly prescribed pMDIs into breath-actuated inhalers. A pMDI, placed into MD Turbo, is triggered to deliver a dose (depression of the canister) when a patient inhales through the mouthpiece and an inspiratory flow threshold has been achieved. An integrated electronic counter keeps track of the number of puffs remaining in the inhaler and helps to remind patients when to replace their pMDI and prevents them from using one that is empty. (866) 832-6747;

Aerosol Delivery System
Respiratory Delivery Systems Inc, Chelmsford, Mass, offers the Microchamber®, the smallest FDA (510k) approved aerosol chamber device available. The Microchamber unit can attach to most metered-dose inhalers (CFC and HFA formulations). The Microchamber is made of a durable medical-grade, recyclable polypropylene plastic material. The holding chamber has a built-in screen that blocks large particles, which normally deposit in the mouth and throat, while allowing the smaller treatment particles to pass through and enter the lungs. Microchamber is approximately 4 inches long, has built-in air vents, and fits anesthesia masks. The device is clear in color, latex free, dishwasher safe, and significantly less expensive. (978) 970-1947;

Aerosol Delivery
Respiratory Delivery Systems Inc, Chelmsford, Mass, offers the Microspacer®, the smallest FDA (510k)-approved spacer device available. Microspacer attaches to most MDIs and is made of a durable medical-grade, recyclable, clear-color plastic. The device has a patented built-in screen system, which blocks large aerosol medication particles that normally deposit in the mouth, throat, trachea, and stomach, while allowing the smaller treatment particles to pass through the screen and penetrate deep into the lungs. Microspacer is 2 inches long, weighs less than an ounce, is latex free and dishwasher safe, and is significantly less expensive. (978) 970-1947;

Nebulizer system
Respironics, Murrysville, Pa, introduces the MiniElite™ compressor nebulizer system. MiniElite is the ideal traveling companion for active patients who want to take their respiratory medications when and where needed. The small, lightweight MiniElite is easy to use and provides efficient nebulizer treatments. This patient-friendly device can be powered by three power source options—AC, car adapter, and battery. The optional rechargeable lithium ion battery operates the compressor for up to 90 minutes between charges. The MiniElite compressor weighs less than 1 pound and less than 1.4 pounds with the optional battery attached. (800) 345-6443;

PARI Respiratory Equipment Inc, Midlothian, Va, introduces the PARI LC® Sprint reusable nebulizer, an improved, breath-enhanced nebulizer, featuring short treatment times and efficient drug delivery combined with an ergonomic design. A Clear-View™ window allows the user to easily view the medication level remaining in the cup. The LC Sprint is made up of only four parts for easy use, cleaning, and storage. (800) 327-8632;

PARI Respiratory Equipment Inc, Midlothian, Va, offers the PARI TREK® S, an innovative compact compressor with the power of a tabletop unit. The PARI TREK S gives patients the freedom to take treatments whenever and wherever life leads them. The PARI TREK S combination pack includes three power source options: worldwide AC compatibility (100 to 240 V), 12-V automobile adapter, and rechargeable battery. With a 50-minute battery life, which is rechargeable within 2 hours, patients have the freedom to take aerosol treatments anywhere. Weighing just over 1 pound with the battery pack and about the size of a handheld cassette player, the compressor is easy to store and take on trips. The TREK S features PARI’s latest reusable nebulizer, the PARI LC® SPRINT. (800) 327-8632;

Holding Chamber
PARI Respiratory Equipment Inc, Midlothian, Va, introduces the first nonelectrostatic holding chamber in North America—the VORTEX®. Conventional plastic holding chambers retain a static charge that attracts medication aerosol to their walls during treatment. The nonelectrostatic feature of the Vortex does not attract these particles, allowing for more medication to be available for inhalation, resulting in a more efficient treatment. The PARI VORTEX is compatible with new HFA MDI formulations, helps deliver more medication to the lungs, is child friendly and dishwasher safe, and fits most major brands of MDIs. (800) 327-8632;


Bariatric Bed
Burke Inc, Kansas City, Kan, offers the Tri-Flex “Fold & Roll” bariatric bed with a capacity of 1,000 pounds. The Fold and Roll comes in two widths, one frame; head side rails with piston lift support (will not drop, yet easy to raise); CPR release system; and battery backup. It is also available with the following options: integrated scales, impulse drive system, angle indicators, Plexiglas windowed head side rails, fold-down or rollout foot side rails, and a trapeze. The bed is approved and listed with ETL for UL 60601-1/IEC 60601-2-38/CSAC22.2 No 601.1-M90. (700) 255-4147.

Bariatric Bed
Burke Inc, Kansas City, Kan, offers the Tri-Lift bariatric bed with a capacity of 1,000 pounds. Features of the bed include: walk out of foot of bed; true chair position; and seat lift. It comes equipped with CPR release system; battery backup; and two widths, one frame. Options include integrated scales, impulse drive system, angle indicators, fold-down foot side rails, Plexiglas windowed head side rails, and trapeze. The bed is approved and listed with ETL for UL 60601-1/IEC 60601-2-38/CSAC22.2 No 601.1-M90. (700) 255-4147.

Blood Gas Analysis

ITC, Edison, NJ, offers the AVOXimeter® 1000E and 4000 analyzers. Both devices are portable, easy to use analyzers that provide rapid, accurate assessment of a patient’s true oxygenation status at the bedside. Testing is performed in single-use disposable cuvettes. No sample preparation is required; simply inject a whole blood sample into the cuvette; and insert into the analyzer. Results are displayed and recorded in less than 10 seconds, improving efficiencies and allowing for timely diagnosis and intervention. The AVOXimeter4000 measures oxyhemoglobin, carboxyhemoglobin, methemoglobin, total hemoglobin, and oxygen content and can be utilized in the respiratory department, ICU, OR, NICU, and or the ED. The AVOXimeter1000E is specifically designed for the cardiac cath lab and measures oxygen saturation, oxygen content, and total hemoglobin concentration. (800) 631-5945;

Blood Gas System
Roche Diagnostics, Indianapolis, offers the cobas b™ 221 blood gas system, which helps clinicians maximize uptime while providing significant convenience and control. The configurable menu has options for blood gas, electrolytes, and metabolites. With the only FDA 501(k) clearance for testing pleural fluid pH, as well as patient trend data, automated acid-base mapping, and 42-day onboard load-and-go smart reagents, the cobas b 221 system enhances operational efficiency and simplifies regulatory compliance. (800) 428-5074;

Verification Controls
RNA Medical®, division of Bionostics Inc, Devens, Mass, announces enhancements to CVC 123, calibration verification controls for use with blood gas, electrolyte, and metabolite analyzers. This product is now assayed for IL GEM® Premier™ 3000, Bayer® 400 Series, and Radiometer ABL® 800 Series analyzers. CVC 123 is used to confirm the calibration and linearity of blood gas systems measuring pH, Pco2, Po2, sodium, potassium, chloride, ionized calcium, ionized magnesium, glucose, and lactate. It is provided in five levels for verifying analyzer performance throughout the reportable range and is packaged in kits that contain four ampuls of each level. A peer statistical program (PeerQCSM), available at no charge to RNA customers, features Web-based data submission and provides a printable graph and detailed report for each analyte. (800) 533-6162;

Point-of-Care Testing
ITC, Edison, NJ, offer the IRMA TRUpoint™ blood analysis system. TRUpoint allows immediate, reliable measurements of pH, blood gases, hematocrit, electrolytes, creatinine, lactate, and other chemistries at the patient’s side. TRUpoint utilizes electrochemical-sensor technology with an interactive touch screen. Results are available in minutes using single-use test cartridges, whaich are self-calibrating, require no additional reagents, and are stored at room temperature. Other features include automatic EQC, barcode scanning, security features, printing, connectivity, and data management, to help improve regulatory compliance, reduce medical errors, and enable early intervention. 800-631-5945;

Respiratory Analyzer
Nova Biomedical, Waltham, Mass, offers the Stat Profile® pHOx® respiratory analyzer, which incorporates a seven-test menu including pH, Po2, Pco2, So2%, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and lactate to provide a comprehensive diagnostic picture of oxygen transport. This compact analyzer uses a liquid-only calibration system that eliminates bulky compressed tanks, gas regulators, gas tubing lines, and humidifiers. Moreover, a totally automated quality control system is contained within a single on-board auto-cartridge QC pack. To promote blood conservation, Stat Profile pHOx uses just 125 µL of whole blood to measure the full seven-test menu, and only 60 µL of whole blood for a three-test microsample. (781) 894-0800, (800) 458-5813;

Blood Gas Analyzer
OPTI Medical Inc, Roswell, Ga, manufactures and markets the OPTI line of blood gas, electrolyte, and glucose analyzers. The OPTI CCA-TS has a color touch screen that incorporates step-by-step pictures for easy operation. The OPTI is the only portable blood gas analyzer on the market that directly measures tHb and SO2 in addition to blood gas, electrolytes, and glucose. The OPTI provides a maintenance-free system with single-use cassettes stored at room temperature that contain all the sensors and calibrating solutions. Take the analyzer for a virtual test drive with the interactive presentation on the company’s web site. (800) 490-6784;

Blood Gas Analyzer with Reusable Sensor Cassettes
OPTI Medical Systems Inc, Roswll, Ga, manufactures and markets the OPTI® R blood gas analyzer with a convenient reusable sensor cassette for the direct measurement of pH/blood gas, total hemoglobin, oxygen saturation, sodium, potassium, and ionized calcium. The analyzer provides a color touch screen with step-by-step images, zero maintenance, room-temperature storage of sensor cassettes, and on-board QC for simplified operation, making it ideal for STAT environments and small to medium workload settings. Supported by a manufacturer with more than 30 years of blood gas experience, the OPTI R has the performance and features of a bench top analyzer in a package the size of a portable instrument. (800) 490-6784;

Blood Gas Capillary Tubes
RAM Scientific, Yonkers, NY, offers the SAFE-T-FILL® blood gas capillary tubes, which are 100% plastic for safe capillary blood collection to meet all federal and state laboratory safety compliance requirements. Used to collect capillary blood samples, these capillary tubes are ideal for replacing glass capillary, Natelson, and Caraway tubes. Available with either sodium or balanced heparin, and in a variety of sizes, SAFE-T-FILL blood gas capillary tubes may be used for blood gas analysis, tests for multiple analytes, or as a transfer device for PKU and POC testing. (800) 535-6734;


Asthma Monitor
Vitalograph, Lenexa, Kan, introduces the new Vitalograph asma-1 electronic asthma monitor. The asma-1 measures FEV as well as PEF and is simple to use. The large display is easy to read and has a quality-of-blow indicator to improve patient technique. asma-1 stores up to 600 test sessions, each time- and date-stamped, eliminating the need for record cards. The electronic asma-1 monitor is more accurate than a mechanical peak flow meter. PEF/FEV zones can be personalized, with an action plan for single patient use; or the monitor can be used for multiple patients with our disposable one-way valve SafeTway mouthpieces. Cleaning is quick and easy with the detachable flow head, and the asma-1 is ATS/ERS compliant. (800) 255-6626;

CO2 Monitoring
Nihon Kohden America, Foothill Ranch, Calif, introduces the Cap One end-tidal CO2 monitoring device. Cap One makes CO2 monitoring easier and more accurate. This new design puts the sensor immediately under the nostril, minimizing all dead space. The result is an instrument that does not need calibration, has no delay, produces higher-precision results, and is humidity resistant. Use the new JE-921 PSG/EEG amplifier and benefit from the built-in Cap One option. Cap One is also available in a freestanding unit for interface with your existing equipment. Optional patient interfaces include nasal, oral/nasal, oral/nasal with nasal pressure adaptor, and endotracheal tube adaptor. (800) 325-0283;

Breath Test
Breathe E-Z Systems Inc, Leawood, Kan, offers the CO Sleuth carbon monoxide breath test. It is a simple, noninvasive way to measure carbon monoxide poisoning in a patient enrolled in a smoking-cessation program. This instrument has a sensitivity of 95% and a specificity of 98%. It has a hydrogen null to prevent false readings. Smoking-cessation programs can be very successful with the motivational tool provided by a carbon monoxide device. The CO Sleuth provides visual proof of the dangerous CO levels found in the lungs of smokers, who often do not realize carbon monoxide poisoning is a dangerous side effect of smoking cigarettes. Smoking cessation clinics that use the CO Sleuth have reported excellent results in getting patients to stop smoking. The smoking intervention testing shows the patient a reduction of carbon monoxide poisoning in the lungs as the patient gives up smoking. (800) 490-5061;

Carbon Monoxide Monitor
Breathe E-Z Systems Inc, Shawnee Mission, Kan, offers the EMT Sleuth, a lightweight, portable handheld carbon monoxide monitor with a digital readout that measures CO levels in parts per million from a patient’s breath. The EMT Sleuth is a rugged, watertight, precision instrument that is lighted to detect carbon monoxide day or night in firefighters and in victims of smoke inhalation. The Sleuth displays the amount of CO that a firefighter or victim has inhaled in indirect, noninvasive measure of blood carboxyhemoglobin (% of COHb). (800) 490-5062;

Methacholine Challenge
Methapharm Inc, Coral Springs Fla, offers Provocholine® (methacholine chloride powder for inhalation), the only FDA-approved methacholine chloride available for human use. During the Provocholine® Challenge Test, when a NaCl solution containing Provocholine is inhaled, subjects with asthma are more sensitive to methacholine-induced bronchoconstriction than are healthy subjects. A positive response to the Provocholine Challenge provides for a sensitive and generally accurate diagnosis of bronchial airway hyperreactivity. Provocholine is standardized for reliability, with premeasured quantity and consistent quality, eliminating the need to weigh out bulk methacholine, a highly hygroscopic agent. The consistent quantity and quality of Provocholine enhance the reproducibility of results. (800) 287-7686;

Research Kits
Methapharm Inc, Coral Springs, Fla, offers customized Provocholine® kits to provide uniformity and consistency for study protocols utilizing the Methacholine Challenge Test. These custom kits are made to your specifications, and can be ordered directly from Methapharm. Additionally, Methapharm also provides a certification program to assist with training and quality assurance. A sample kit contains Provocholine 100 mg, Provocholine insert, sterile empty vials with stoppers, 10 cc syringe, 3 cc syringe, 20 gauge 1-inch needles, 0.22 mm syringe filter, alcohol pads, 100 mL sodium chloride injection with 0.4% phenol, and a set of customized green labels. (800) 267-7686;


Asthma Management Program
Monaghan Medical Corp, Plattsburgh, NY, introduces its newest product, the Asthma Management Program featuring Doc Monaghan™. The program consists of a video or DVD featuring a young boy who just learned he has asthma and an animated character named Doc Monaghan. The program also contains an educational packet that includes a child’s storybook, a parent handbook, and a coloring book. The program handles topics such as asthma medications, peak flows, and “staying in the zones,” as well as understanding and avoiding asthma triggers. The program was developed by a team of certified asthma educators to meet the growing need for asthma education for prevention and management. All items in the program are available in English and Spanish. (800) 833-9653.

Free Online CEU Courses
Passy-Muir Inc, Irvine, Calif, manufacturer of the Passy-Muir Tracheostomy & Ventilator Swallowing & Speaking Valves (PMVs), is committed to supporting the educational efforts that facilitate the training of clinicians who work with tracheostomized and ventilator-dependent patients. In keeping with that mission, the company offers free online continuing education courses on its Web site. Five currently available courses include: Assessment and Placement of the PMV for Non-Ventilator Dependent Patients, Pediatric Issues and Application of the PMV, Ventilator Application of the PMV, Dysphagia and Improving Swallow with the PMV, and Transitioning Issues for Patients Utilizing the PMV. These programs provide the clinician with detailed instruction regarding PMV use with a variety of patient populations. Each course is AARC-approved for 1 hour of category 1 CRCE credit. Free clinical education video, CD, DVD, and independent research literature are also available. (800) 634-5397;

Educational Opportunity
Independence University (IU), San Diego, formerly California College for Health Sciences, has been helping health care professionals advance their careers through advanced degrees for more than 28 years. IU offers flexible online master’s, bachelor’s, and associate’s degree programs. IU is the only accredited distance ASRT program helping respiratory professionals upgrade from CRT to RRT. The university’s innovative 24-hour, 7-days-a-week online services provide the flexibility and convenience for “anywhere, anytime” learning that fits the lifestyles of busy health care professionals. IU is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council and CAAHEP. (800) 961-6401;

Sleep Lab Program
Nationwide Respiratory, Waterloo, Iowa, offers the Sleep Lab Establishment Empowerment Program (SLEEP). The need for sleep laboratories continues to grow. Nationwide Respiratory has developed the SLEEP to help establish sleep laboratories that meet the market’s needs. The start-up program offers a menu of turnkey or à la carte solutions, including assistance in the initial steps, customized finance solutions, aid in the selection and installation of diagnostic equipment, education and training programs from PSG courses to scoring, and services designed to help keep the costs of laboratories minimized and operations running smoothly. The SLEEP Program offers ways to diversify and programs that encourage home care providers and sleep laboratories to partner in marketing and diversification. (877) 233-3079;

Sleep Technologist Training
The Sleep School at Rockdale, Conyers, Ga, offers comprehensive sleep medicine training for physicians, technicians, and other allied health care professionals. The school offers rolling admission and charges a tuition of $3,500. Students receive the standardized training that is crucial in the evolving field of sleep medicine, and our program now conforms to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s recommended curriculum for sleep technology training. (404) 246-1344;


Tracheostomy Tube Holder
Dale Medical Products Inc, Plainsville, Mass, offers the Dale® Blue™. No other securement method stabilizes tracheostomy tubes better than the Dale Blue. It provides safe and secure positioning to minimize movement. Exclusive moisture-repellent neckband lining reduces the risk of skin breakdown. A portion of stretch material offers a comfortable and snug fit while allowing for cough reflex. Secure and easy-to-use fastener tabs engage the trach tube quickly and easily. Optional extension piece is available for bariatric patients. (800) 343-3980;

Disposable Resuscitator
Laerdal Medical Corp, Wappingers Falls, NY, introduces the BAG II disposable resuscitator, the latest in Laerdal’s resuscitator line. The BAG II incorporates all the features of the Laerdal silicone resuscitator in a single-patient use, disposable product. (877) 523-7325;

Visual Metronome
LYFETYMER offers the LYFETYMER™, a disposable LED visual metronome. LYFETYMER is a timing device that indicates when to provide the adult patient a breath with a bag valve mask in accordance with the new American Heart Association Guidelines implemented as of June 2006. The complications associated with aggressive “bagging” (hyperventilation, gastric insufflations, vomit, etc)—by giving 20, 30, or more breaths per minute—are well documented; thus, the new AHA guidelines for the adult patient recommend an average of 10 breaths per minute or one every 6 seconds. During code or emergency resuscitation, with adrenaline running high, it is easy to get caught up in bagging much faster than required. LYFETYMER assists in slowing down to the proper rate. LYFETYMER attaches to any resuscitation bag, but works best when preattached or placed on the device so the user only has to pull the quick tab to activate. LYFETYMER is distributed exclusively by Tri-anim Health Services, Sylmar, Calif. (800) TRI-ANIM;

Ventilator Swallowing and Speaking Valve
Passy-Muir Inc, Irvine, Calif, offers the PMV 007 (Aqua) tracheostomy and ventilator swallowing and speaking valve. The PMV 007 is the only closed-position, “no leak” valve designed to fit readily into disposable ventilator tubing and directly on the 15 mm hub of most tracheostomy tubes, including neonatal, pediatric, and adult tubes. The valve opens upon inspiration and closes at the end of inspiration, redirecting all exhaled air around the tracheostomy tube and out the oronasopharynx, which allows clear uninterrupted speech. The patented PMV design restores a closed respiratory system, creating the necessary pressures demonstrated through independent research to improve swallow, reduce aspiration, improve oxygenation, facilitate secretion management, and reduce weaning and decannulation times. The PMV 007 is indicated for in-line ventilator use with all acute and home ventilators. Free online CEU courses and educational materials are available on the Web site. Free clinical education video, CD-ROM, DVD, and independent research literature also available. (800) 634-5397;

Endotracheal Tube Holder
Dale Medical Products Inc, Plainsville, Mass, offers the Dale® Stabilock™ endotracheal tube holder. Stabilock secures endotracheal tubes quickly and easily, with maximum stability. It provides a secure method of stabilization to help prevent accidental extubation. A strip of Velcro® material attaches to the neckband to prevent slippage. The tubing channel sewn onto the neckband provides an area for strong adhesive tape, ensuring tube security. The ability to rotate the endotracheal tube easily allows for improved oral care. (800) 343-3980;

Endotracheal Tube-Securing Device
B&B Medical Technologies, North Highlands, Calif, offers the StabilTube, a device that provides a long-term solution for stabilizing and securing the endotracheal tube in less than 10 seconds. The StabilTube features a stretchable, hypoallergenic Velcro® neck band to quickly adjust the band around the face and neck for changing clinical conditions. The nonabsorbent face piece can be rotated to accommodate oral or nasal intubation. The patented, releasable cable tie allows for repositioning of the tube for optimal placement and position. The StabilTube is provided as a complete package with Skin Prep to give added protection against skin breakdown and the releasable cable tie to prevent tube slippage. StabilTube comfortably fits children through adults and is latex-free. The StabilTube can be used in conjunction with the B&B Universal Bite Block to allow optimal securing of the endotracheal tube and positive protection against biting of the tube. All B&B endotracheal securing devices comply with the AHA guidelines for securing artificial airways. (800) 242-8778;


Hospital Disposable Masks
ResMed, Poway, Calif, offers hospital masks that are available through its network of new distribution partners. Quick to fit and easy to use, ResMed’s disposable masks and circuits are a cost-effective solution for clinical use. (800) 424-0737, ext 2202; [removed][/removed].

Full Face Mask
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Laguna Hills, Calif, introduces the FlexiFit™ 432, the company’s second-generation full face mask. It now incorporates a soft foam cushion that combines with the contoured silicone seal to provide an even better seal and more comfortable fit. FlexiFit Technology has been incorporated into the contoured silicone seal to allow a large range of nasal bridge movement and simple one-step auto adjustment fitting. The unique Glider™ Strap provides freedom of movement while maintaining a seal. The crown strap and under-chin design provide extra stability and maintain a fit even with jaw movement. The easy-release strap allows simple removal of the mask, and the “Fit and Forget” headgear ensures no ongoing adjustments are required. (800) 792-3912, ext 1409,

Teleflex Medical, Research Triangle Park, NC, offers the Hybrid NIV Mask, a disposable dual-airway mask designed for providing CPAP, pressure-support therapy, or noninvasive ventilation. The Hybrid eliminates pressure points on the nose and forehead by combining nasal pillows with an oral cushion. The Hybrid is available in AV (antiasphyxiation valve) and NE (no exhalation) versions. (919) 544-8000;

Respironics Inc, Murrysville, Pa, introduces the first in the My Life™ series of masks. The OptiLife meets the needs of sleep laboratory professionals, home care providers, and patients. This lightweight mask provides visual freedom and unrestricted side sleeping. The OptiLife is easy to fit, assemble, and clean and comes with four cushion sizes—petite, small, medium, and large. (800) 345-6443;

Face Mask
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Irvine, Calif, introduces the Opus™ nasal pillows mask. The Opus mask, with its anatomical pillow-style silicone seal and facially contoured, reinforced headgear, is small, quiet, and comfortable. A ball-and-socket-styled joint combines with an innovative anchoring system to give stability and freedom of movement. The product comes as an out-of-box solution, fully assembled and ready for use with alternative sizes of silicone pillows included. (800) 446-3908;

Pediatric Mask
Southmedic, Barrie, Ontario, introduces the new OxyKid aerosol mask. The OxyKid provides flows of 1 to 15 LPM and Fio2s of 24% to 50% and directional flow to mouth and nose, generating a higher percentage of respirable dose and greater aerosol efficiency. OxyKid is designed for both mouth and nose breathers and virtually eliminates aerosol delivery to the eyes. With the OxyKid, there is no CO2 rebreathing and the patient can communicate and drink fluids through the mask. The OxyKid minimizes environmental aerosol contamination and aerosol exposure to caregivers and other patients. In addition, the swivel adapter allows for optimal aerosol delivery whether the child is lying down or is vertical. (800) 463-7146;

Oxygen Therapy
Southmedic, Barrie, Ontario, introduces the OxyMask, which does the job of a nasal cannula, simple oxygen mask, partial rebreathing mask, non-rebreathing mask, and Venturi-type mask. With the OxyMask, there is no CO2 rebreathing, and patients can communicate and drink fluids through the mask. The OxyMask is designed for both mouth and nose breathers and can be used at night during sleep as a more comfortable alternative to nasal cannulae. The OxyMask is available in child and adult sizes, and provides flows of 1 to 40 LPM and Fio2s of 24% to 90%. The OxyMask eliminates irritation at the nose and around the ear and the need for nasal moisturizers. (800) 463-7146;

Hans Rudolph Inc, Kansas City, Mo, is a designer of patient interfaces that include the Oro-Nasal (full face) Vmask™ and ALIZES™ Nasal CPAP and NIV ventilation masks for use in homes, sleep laboratories, ICUs, hospitals, and other clinical settings. The Vmask line has expanded with the addition of the new blue PFT/exercise Vmask for testing centers, laboratories, and pulmonary departments. The full line of respiratory products the company designs and manufactures includes reusable and new disposable patient interfaces for hospital ICU use, pulmonary function testing, stress/exercise testing, human and animal research, and obstructive sleep apnea therapy. (800) 456-6695;

VIASYS Respiratory Care, Yorba Linda, Calif, offers the SNAPP X direct nasal interface, designed to enhance patient comfort and promote acceptance. Additionally, these products are easy to use and robust. The interface’s exclusive cushioning bellows expands and compresses with every movement to provide a comfortable, fail-safe seal even for restless, rolling patients. The Snapp X direct nasal interface has a unique butterfly headgear attachment, single-exhalation port, patent-pending nasal prong design, and a special 360° swivel elbow. (800) 582-7458;

Teleflex Medical, Research Triangle Park, NC, offers the Utopia NIV Mask, a disposable full-face mask designed for providing CPAP, pressure support therapy, or noninvasive ventilation. The Utopia has a built-in chin flap, providing an effective solution for mouth breathers. The Utopia is available in AV (antiasphyxiation valve) and NE (no exhalation) versions. (919) 544-8000;

Oxygen Therapy/Medical Gases

Bay Corporation®, Westlake, Ohio, offers the 90° swivel adaptor for hose fittings. Part of the company’s complete line of pipe thread to barbed hose adaptors, the 90° swivel adaptor helps prevent dangerous kinks and chaffing that can result in leakage. The design of the product provides increased mobility while maintaining a secure connection. Users can save money on replacements and enjoy the full life of hoses when decreasing wear and tear at the point of contact between hoses and adaptors. Bay Corp also offers a complete line of medical fittings, connectors, adapters, and hose for the respiratory, anesthesia, surgical, dental, EMS, and home care markets. (888) 835-3800;

Portable Medical Air System
Western Medica, Westlake, Ohio, has introduced a new portable medical air system. The AirTOTE™ simplifies delivery while providing a new level of effectiveness to distributing medical air. Its all-in-one design incorporates a click-style regulator with a cylinder valve, eliminating the frustration and time of matching regulators and cylinders. The AirTOTE system is based on Western’s popular OxyTOTE™ oxygen system, proven in years of use at thousands of locations. The AirTOTE system provides the patient with a precise flow. It incorporates Western’s unique SureClick™ feature, which reduces the risk of dialing the flow selector between click settings, making it easier for clinicians to dial in and secure medical air flow. All AirTOTE systems have a built-in handle for portability, a durable cover to protect the regulator and valve assembly, and a DISS 1160 auxiliary port (demand valve). In addition, they have a medical outlet barb for attaching a cannula. Outlet pressure is 50 psi. Cylinders can be transfilled via a CGA-346 port on the unit’s reverse side. (440) 871-2160;

Oxygen System
Responsive Respiratory Inc, Fenton, Mo, introduces the Cyl-Fil™ Oxygen System. This new technology allows the patient to fill cylinders at home utilizing their back-up H or T cylinder as the primary source. Responsive’s patent-pending design replaces the need for liquid systems or costly investments with in-home compressor systems. Cyl-Fil reduces deliveries by 50%, refills a M6 cylinder in 15 minutes, automatically fills/stops, utilizes your current conservers and regulators, and is FDA compliant. (866) 333-4030;

Oxygen Equipment
Inogen, Goleta, Calif, offers the Inogen One, a single-oxygen solution for home, away, and travel. Clinically proven to provide the necessary oxygen for most ambulatory patients during all phases of daily activity and during sleep, the Inogen One is approved for Medicare billing as both a stationary and portable oxygen solution using reimbursement codes E1390 and E1392. (805) 562-0500;,

Inhaled Nitric Oxide
INO Therapeutics, Clinton, NJ, offers INOmax®, nitric oxide for inhalation. INO Therapeutics is a specialty pharmaceutical company committed to developing and commercializing proprietary drug-device–combination products for the treatment of critically ill hospitalized patients. (877) know-INO;

Cardinal Health Respiratory Care, McGaw Park, Ill, and Amvex Corp, Richmond Hill, Ontario, introduce the Integrated Flowmeter, which combines a dial-style flowmeter and a medical gas outlet in a single compact design. The flowmeter is built into the wall outlet, ensuring that it can never be removed, so it is always there when you need it. The Integrated Flowmeter saves space and significantly reduces hospital costs for lost, broken, or stolen flowmeters. (866) GO-AMVEX, (800) 637-1500 (Cardinal Health);

CHAD Therapeutics Inc, Chatsworth, Calif, offers the LOTUS® electronic oxygen conserver. The LOTUS is equipped with a yoke that swivels 55 degrees and allows attachment to numerous types of cylinders, including cylinders with gauges. The LOTUS offers a 5:1 savings ratio and eight flow settings. The compact device weighs only 14.5 ounces, provides extended battery life on two A batteries (approximately 6 months at 8 hours per day usage), and comes with a 2-year warranty. (800) 423-8870;

Oxygen Products
MSA, Pittsburgh, offers the MiniOX® for all oxygen-monitoring needs. Since 1980, the MSA MiniOX family of oxygen monitors, analyzers, and sensors has been the choice of health care professionals in respiratory therapy, neonatal care, home respiratory care, and anesthesia. Portable and easy to use, the MiniOX 3000 oxygen monitor is perfect for in-line oxygen monitoring in applications such as hospital and home ventilators, NICU, and anesthesia delivery equipment. The MiniOX-I oxygen analyzer can be used for spot-checking or continuous monitoring of oxygen concentrations without alarms. And the MiniOX-IA is designed to attach to any model oxygen concentrator for spot-checking or repairing home oxygen concentrations. The company also provides a full range of oxygen sensors for most applications. (800) 851-4500;,

Gauge Stand
Instrumentation Industries Inc, Bethel Park, Pa, introduces the Model NS-GS gauge stand. The NS-GS fits all of the company’s NS Series PBR, PBS, TRR, and TRS gauges, which fit tightly and can be quickly and easily inserted. Gauges remain upright and easy to view. Nonskid rubber feet keep gauges from moving and reduce gauge damage from dropping and mishandling. Made from sturdy polystyrene butadiene. (800) 633-8577;

Nitric Oxide Monitoring System
Aerocrine, New York City, will introduce the NIOX® Flex nitric oxide monitoring system at the 2007 ATS International Conference. NIOX Flex is the successor to the established market leader NIOX, with FDA clearance for clinical use in the United States since 2003. NIOX Flex measures nitric oxide in exhaled air as a marker of airway inflammation noninvasively and is designed for routine clinical use according to ATS/ERS guidelines. NIOX Flex features a number of software and hardware improvements on other products. More than 1,000,000 standardized exhaled NO tests have now been performed with Aerocrine products. (866) ASK-NIOX;

Oxygen In Use Sign
STOP!signs, LLC, Kennedy, NY, a provider of static-cling and low-tack adhesive “Oxygen in Use” signs, announces the addition of a low-tack vinyl sign to its product line. This sign, in conjunction with the static-cling “Oxygen in Use” signs, provides a full complement for providers to ensure compliance in “Oxygen in Use” notice for display in the home, auto, or RV. STOP!signs, LLC, will also be releasing a new line of medical precaution signs, specifically designed for nursing home and hospital use. This line features “Contact Precaution” and “Droplet Precaution” low-tack vinyl signs in bright easy-to-see colors, and bold easy-to-read print. All signs manufactured by STOP!signs, LLC, are made of high-quality static-cling and low-tack vinyl and are removable, reusable, and made in the United States. (716) 969-1909;

Humidification System
PARI Respiratory Equipment, Midlothian, Va, introduces a novel humidification system for high flow oxygen therapy, the Pari Hydrate™ G.33 with C-Force™ technology. The Hydrate can fully heat and humidify therapeutic gas from 6 to 40 LPM with unprecedented control. Based on new technology the size of a dime (licensed from Vapore, Inc), the Hydrate features the disposable C-Force, which is placed near the patient and connects with standard oxygen tubing to supply gas, utilizing standard nasal cannula. The Hydrate allows clinicians to adjust heat and humidification independently to optimize therapy for the patient. (800) 327-8632;

Oxygen Equipment
Cramer Decker Medical Inc, Santa Ana, Calif, introduces the ME/MD Cylinder TankTote™. The new MD/ME TankTote makes MD and ME cylinder deliveries safe and easy. Individual padded cylinder pockets securely hold one, two, or three MD or ME cylinders. An outside security strap cinches the pockets tight to ensure that the cylinders are secure for safe carrying. A four-point adjustable shoulder strap allows the user easily to adjust the strap length to accommodate either the MD or taller ME cylinders. The pocket bottoms are PVC lined for extra durability. The bag incorporates heavy stitching and embroidery and can be private labeled upon request. (877) 222-0200;

Oxygen Cylinders
Luxfer Gas Cylinders, Riverside, Calif, offers the Voyage oxygen cylinders. The Voyage product line consists of all-metal cylinders manufactured from Luxfer’s patented, higher-strength L7X aluminum alloy. Voyage cylinders offer patients much more oxygen than conventional all-metal cylinders because they can be filled to 3,000 psi, providing patients with 50% more oxygen per cylinder and home care providers with lower delivery costs. (800) 764-0366, (951) 684-5110;

Gas-Flow Analyzer
Fluke Biomedical, Everett, Wash, offers the VT MOBILE, a portable, general-purpose gas-flow analyzer. It is capable of performance testing the broad range of medical gas-flow/pressure devices used in hospitals, clinics, and physician’s offices. Besides addressing general-purpose needs, VT MOBILE is also equipped with special displays that speed ventilator and anesthesia-machine performance testing. Medical gas-flow and pressure devices are moving to external environments, such as clinics and homes, and so must the test equipment needed to ensure continued functionality as specified by the manufacturer. VT MOBILE is designed to address the need to bring the test equipment to the medical device. (800) 648-7952;

Positive Airway Pressure Therapy

Infant nCPAP System
Cardinal Health, McGaw Park, Ill, has developed a comprehensive solution for infant nCPAP applications—the AirLife™ infant nCPAP system. With a unique combination of advanced components and an innovative, patent-pending variable flow vortice technology, the AirLife infant nCPAP system has been engineered for maximum performance, reliability, and patient comfort—because the less discomfort a patient experiences, the greater the opportunity for healthy growth and development. Developed with the assistance of clinical experts and designed to incorporate best-in-class nCPAP technology, the AirLife infant nCPAP system provides a solution that delivers superior infant treatment. (800) 637-1500;

CPAP System
Invacare Corp, Elyria, Ohio, offers The Invacare® Polaris™ TR CPAP, named for the true rest it gives patients. It has a small size and optional portable battery module and mobile power adapter. Performance specifications include 4-20 cm H2O pressure range, integrated heated humidifier, patient-adjustable ramp, automatic altitude adjustment, international power supply, compliance meter, and simple setup. The system also features downloadable compliance technology. (800) 333-6900;

Positive Air Pressure
ResMed, Poway, Calif, offers the S8 AutoSet Vantage™, an automatic positive airway pressure (APAP) model in ResMed’s S8™ series. The AutoSet Vantage tailors therapy to a patient’s individual needs on a breath-by-breath basis, delivering the lowest possible pressure necessary for maximum comfort and optimal treatment. Featuring customizable patient reminders for accessory replacement and provider callbacks, comprehensive efficacy and usage data, remote downloading capabilities with the ResScan™ data card, ramp and settling options to enhance comfort and improve complian