d09a.jpg (7936 bytes)Ferraris Respiratory, Louisville, Colo, offers the Pocket Chamber, one of the smallest devices for use with metered-dose inhalers (MDIs), providing a high concentration of respirable aerosol. According to Ferraris, this compact device is as effective in drug delivery, the capture of large particles, and the reduction of side effects as MDI chambers nearly twice its size. The Pocket Chamber features a highly sensitive silicone one-way valve that opens easily to ensure accurate delivery without restricting airflow. (800) 574-7374; www.ferrarismedical.com.

d09a.jpg (7936 bytes)The ACE® MDI holding chamber by DHD Healthcare, Wampsville, NY, captures and holds the drug dose until the patient begins to inhale, helping to guarantee proper drug delivery. This eliminates the need to coordinate the canister actuation with the start of inhalation. As the drug “cloud” warms in the chamber, aerosol particles shrink in size. Large particles that are not likely to enter the lungs can “rain out” in the chamber rather than the mouth or throat. The result is guaranteed drug delivery to the lungs with reduced drug deposition in the mouth and throat, according to DHD Healthcare. (800) 847-8000; www.dhd.com.

d09a.jpg (7936 bytes)The Pocket Spacer by Pulmonary Data Services Inc, Louisville, Colo, is a pocket-sized device proven as effective as metered-dose inhaler (MDI) chambers nearly twice its size. The spacer delivers a high concentration of respirable aerosol to help provide relief from asthma symptoms while capturing large particles and reducing unwanted side effects. This affordable alternative to aerosol delivery features a flexible port that accepts virtually any MDI’s mouthpiece and a built-in whistle that alerts patients when they are exceeding the recommended inspiratory flow rate. (800) 574-7374; www.pulmonarydata.com.

d09a.jpg (7936 bytes)Hudson Respiratory Care Inc, Temecula, Calif, offers a pocket chamber that is reportedly more than 40% smaller than other metered-dose inhaler chambers and spacers yet has documented performance as effective as the most commonly used units. Designed for simplicity, convenience, and portability, the pocket chamber provides less air entrainment, less resistance, a standard 22-mm mouthpiece, and significant savings. (800) 848-3766; www.hudsonrci.com.  

d0910.jpg (12014 bytes)Respironics’ Asthma & Allergy Division, Cedar Grove, NJ, offers a pediatric mask for use with OptiChamber® Advantage valved holding chamber (VHC). The mask conforms and seals around various facial features for a custom-fit feel. Built-in reinforcements prevent it from collapsing and assist caregivers in maintaining a seal. The pediatric mask reduces “dead space” and is detachable from the OptiChamber Advantage VHC mouthpiece, so that a single chamber allows a child to transition from mask to mouthpiece without a new chamber. The masks come in small and medium sizes for infants and children, and large face masks are available for elderly patients. (800) 962-1266; www.respironics.com

d0910.jpg (12014 bytes)The Aeroneb® Professional Nebulizer System from Aerogen Inc, Mountain View, Calif, offers caregivers a new option for improving drug delivery efficiency and reducing drug and personnel costs associated with respiratory care in the acute care setting. It adds no pressure or volume to ventilator circuits and minimizes drug waste by nebulizing virtually all medication. The cost-effective design enables multi-patient use inline with mechanical ventilation or in handheld mode with a standard mouthpiece or aerosol mask. The system is cleared for use with infants to adults and with all nebulizer solutions approved for use with a general-purpose nebulizer. (866) 423-7643; www.aerogen.com.